Sameer Redij, Chief Revenue Officer, ESDS Software Solution Ltd

‘No Excuses, No Limits’ is the passion with which Mr. Sameer Redij operates every single day. His focus is to create returns on investments and value-driven people relationships to empower every person in the ecosystem to achieve their business goals, profitably. As Chief Revenue Officer of ESDS, Sameer is the leader for revenue realization, providing exuberant support, and achieving client satisfaction. Sameer also concentrates on ESDS’s marketing, brand building, and brand recognition initiatives. He is constantly innovating to build a culture where every ESDSian strives to achieve new benchmarks. Prior to re-joining ESDS in August 2021, Sameer carried over a decade of leadership experience working with CXOs and management teams of premier organisations across industries. Previously, Sameer has been a Managing Partner in EvolutionCo, which excels in helping brands with application, content, digital, marketing, and technology support. Prior to EvolutionCo, Sameer was Chief Revenue Officer at ESDS. Other profiles included being a Sales Vice President at CTRLS, Director for Gartner India’s Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) business, and working with IBM where he significantly contributed to the growth of DotCom & Global Technology Services’ India division.


Data is the new Gold or the new Oil, which has now become the most valuable asset in the world. The use of this Data is not limited to one field or industry but rather made useful across various segments. Be it analytics, marketing, IT, sales, CRM, or media organizations, all are churning their data thoroughly to make the best of it. Along with organizations even individuals and professionals are making their way towards learning, understanding and analyzing the data that surrounds us via various academic courses and certifications. These knowledge enhancement courses are helping professionals across industries to amplify their work profiles. Rather than an added skill, data analytics has become more of a necessity, since data is becoming the future. This importance and preference will only keep increasing going further since more and more industries are joining the digitization bandwagon. This naturally gives a boost to data analytics as a part of higher academic courses.

Booming Demand needs Solid Management

Daily, approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are being generated, which is a massive amount of data globally. This means the need to manage this enormous level of data requires more hands and brains that will work towards understanding, cleaning, evaluating, processing and analyzing this data. This simultaneously increases the demand and need for data centers and cloud service providers for storing and further distributing the data. The India analytics industry market size is estimated to increase between $98 billion and $119 billion by the year 2026. As businesses and industries are realizing the importance of Big Data and its role in helping the business grow, the demand for data experts and analytics specialists among many other data-related roles has been rising. In the coming 5-7 years it is estimated that India will have more than 10 million opportunities in the analytics sector. No doubt the vast field of data will have an endless number of opportunities as per the growing demand in the market. This leads to an increase in demand for more academic courses in the data sector for fresher’s as well as working professionals who want to establish their careers in this field.

As industries and businesses have realized the value of big data and how to make use of it for making strategic business decisions more importance is given to such coveted roles in organizations with generous pay scales. The pandemic has pushed businesses further to make use of the data for understanding their customers and providing them with customized solutions and keeping them hooked with continuous engaging content. The use of data also comes at work for tapping new potential customers, and similar profile customers along with understanding the existing customer’s needs. Professionals that come with certification courses in the data field have higher chances of being noticed and shortlisted by recruiters among other profiles. Professionals with developed skills in the field of data can be applied in any industry or country that matter. Data is present globally, irrespective of its type, size or industry, companies need people to help understand and make sense of the data, whether it is of relevant use or not and how to take advantage of it for impactful business decisions.

Analyzing Career Opportunities in Data

The job of a typical Data analyst, scientist or specialist involves working with data in more than one way. Right from data mining, processing, management of the data, working with statistical analysis and reports that help towards presenting the data in the required manner. These basic steps and actions depend on the purpose, source and goal of the data in question for further evaluation and interpretation. These data specialists take raw data, extract it further into useful, priority order or importance level and many more sub-divisions as per the set briefing or goal.
Organizations with a vast amount of data that require substantial storage space, with the help of data specialists can eliminate irrelevant data and make space for the relevant set of data along with cost-saving. It can be said that the job of a data specialist is equivalent to that of a problem solver.

As we move further into the depths of digital transformation, organizations will seek more candidates with data management skills. From IT, healthcare, retail, finance, marketing & sales, and manufacturing among several other industries have started understating the importance of big data. Organizations are investing heavily in securing and managing their precious data in terms of both manpower and finances. For budding professionals adding data certification courses into their portfolio will surely make them stand out in front of hiring managers of such organizations. Data specialization courses help students and professionals learn more problem-solving skills in terms of data. There are courses available that provide hands-on experience in solving challenging data queries, which only adds to professional learning development.

In this emerging market with changing customer behavioral patterns, data is and will only help organizations to flourish in this competitive market. Organizations that can manage to take the right advantage of their data as per the ever-changing market demands can excel in creating a successful business. In this data-driven market, companies and individuals who can identify valuable business opportunities and churn a profitable ROI from the data at hand can surely excel at creating an established identity for themselves in this competitive market.

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