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The media landscape has, over the years, significantly changed, impacting the public at varying degrees. With the amount of consumer data generated continuing to increase, the marketer’s job has gotten both easier and yet harder at the same time. Agencies are constantly endeavoring to unlock the potential of this data and turn insights into meaningful actions. Therefore, the pressure is real for both brands and agencies to have the right systems and skillsets in place to exploit this rich mine of data and be more responsive and agile in the digital space. Living by the principle ‘Build the New, Renew the Old’, is Ubiquitous Mediaworks. Constantly customizing themselves to the rapidly evolving market, they understand the need for constant evolution for the client as well as themselves.

Ubiquitous Mediaworks is a 360-degree advertising and marketing company that offers end-to-end solutions that meet any brand’s end goal. Be it metro cities or rural areas, B2B or B2C audience, any demographic, any geography, through an online or offline medium, they offer niche advertising and marketing services that help the brand reach their potential target audience. Their services include advertising, branded content, digital marketing, events, film production, graphic designing, influencer marketing, lead generation, public relations, performance marketing, rural marketing, and student marketing amongst many.

After working for over 15 years in Media and Advertising, Dushyant Mehta, Founder and Managing Director, Ubiquitous Mediaworks, wanted to start something that not just promoted a brand, but gave result-driven marketing solutions to the niche markets. “Planning solutions that are customizable and flexible to any brand’s end goal, we covered all the offerings any business would look forward to advertising, market, or promote their brand. This led us to be ‘present everywhere’ and that’s how the name ‘Ubiquitous Mediaworks’ found us”, recalls Dushyant.

Dushyant Mehta, Founder and Managing Director, Ubiquitous Mediaworks

The team at Ubiquitous Mediaworks brings hard work, innovative, and collaborative approaches to the table that makes the work environment fun-filled as well as result-driven. “Our leadership team consists of me and our Co-Founder Drashti Mehta, who create a perfect blend of analytical, creative, and an empowering dream team”, says Dushyant.

Targeting brands that are looking for innovative solutions that will target their niche customers, the business model at Ubiquitous Media is completely client-centric. Putting their client’s interest first and delivering results by molding a custom-made advertising and marketing solutions, the revenue model is backed by innovation and technology to provide accurate analytics and compelling results. With creativity at the heart of the business and ensuring client’s brand reach to the right target audience with their niche to niche targeting, Dushyant adds, “Our team of experts has successfully handled large business projects like Belvedere Golf and Country Club, Horlicks, Tata Communications, Netmagic, First Advantage, JSW Cement, Mahindra tractors to name a few. We follow the ‘Hub-and-Spoke’ approach, where we align a dedicated team as per client needs”.

Coordinated with different organizations that catered to solutions in print, digital, outdoor, events, film production, and creatives, Dushyant realized that there is a big demand for a unified solution that targets niche markets that directly caters only to their target audience. “To overcome this very problem, Ubiquitous Mediaworks came into existence. We want to change the way brands market and advertise by offering them niche solutions that give maximum ROI”, explains Dushyant.

With the current COVID19 pandemic impacting brands through a financial crunch and cutting down their marketing spends, Ubiquitous Mediaworks provides innovative solutions with result-oriented strategies that can lead to an increase in sales by providing leads, and other cost-effective marketing tactics. By doing so, brands can continue running the business with ease without letting the pandemic hamper their growth.

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