Sujatha Kumaraswamy, CEO, MeritTrac Services

After completing her BCom and Cost Accountancy and an MBA, Ms Sujatha Kumaraswamy, the CEO of MeritTrac Services realised her calling to entrepreneurship. “I have had the opportunity to work in some truly great organizations and the learning continues. Of course, there have been large and small obstacles along the way – I believe it is a matter of perseverance and commitment to overcome these obstacles,” she says. With vast experience, Ms Sujatha took on the corporate world with the lessons she learnt in her formative years that she carries with her till today. She has worked for over 20 years in different sectors including finance, operations and P&L management.

Ms Sujatha’s role at MeritTrac happened when she joined the Manipal Group, which considers to be a truly rewarding one so far. Her corporate journey has taught her many valuable lessons such as growth and ambition combined with humility and truly caring for the team and organization.  As the CEO, she feels that the role has been a tremendous learning opportunity for her, personally and professionally. “I look forward to making a significant impact on the industry and the group, as part of my role here,” she says. Being a a big believer in diversity, Ms Sujatha understands how great it is to have a good mix of experiences, backgrounds, and personalities in the leadership at MeritTrac. “My contributions are broadly in the areas of people management, financial management, and leveraging technology to drive our growth and transformation,” she adds.

AI- enabled Assessment 

At MeritTrac, the company has been able to roll-out best-in-class remote proctored platform to serve the market needs while providing a lot of comfort to the exam proctors on the integrity of the assessment. Student verification solutions using biometrics and other tools are integrated as part of the platform for authentication. As physical invigilators transform towards being live online proctors, the ease of proctoring and monitoring students is ensuring better control over the assessment, with richer insight-backed reports.

Remote auto proctoring tools capture every action of the candidate and provide a trust score to the recruiter along with the competency scores. This goes on to the level of identifying typing patterns, tracking eye movement, capturing ambient sound, etc. Working closely with organizations, the trust and reliability scores on our remote proctoring systems are higher than ever, as the systems are constantly upgrading to ensure the integrity of virtual hiring, supported by an AI-backed Trust Score for every employee’s assessment.

“Our suite of assessments built over years of expertise in assessment science include coding and speech assessments that are used by clients remotely, during recruitment, and to benchmark employees in order to have an agile, updated & productive workforce. It enables rapid planning and delivery of secure tests and examinations for leading educational institutions, government departments, PSUs, and corporate entities,” says Ms Sujatha. MeritTrac’s platform-backed assessment content includes a rich repository of cognitive and behavioural assessments. Using this repository, the team at MeritTrac has enabled assessment-linked learning for corporates and institutions to identify skill gaps in students and working professionals early on through their benchmarking assessments, which are then followed up through relevant learning interventions. “We have enabled Online Psychometric, Language Communication, Coding and Speech assessments among other Simulation Assessments through a virtual environment. All this is well supported through our robust remote proctoring platform and assessment management solution that enables self-service, custom assessment paths and rich analytics and insight-backed reports,” Ms Sujatha shares.

More recently, MeritTrac has introduced a next-gen digital assessment revolution through TalentNext. This new concept is a unified modular assessment ecosystem that combines the power of extensive content and a futuristic platform, set to redefine end-to-end recruitment intelligence and campus onboarding. Through AI-based predictive analytics incorporated with actionable insights, the benefits of data produced by AI-backed platforms are not restricted to the recruitment process but can also predict and track employee performance, needs, and retention rates. The ability of this tool to learn and improve from the operational activity is a crucial driver for ensuring the long-term success of any organisation. “Our AI analytics-based solution is an integration of the three power procedures that drive faultless assessments. I have a great team here at MeritTrac and we have achieved many milestones together. We have drawn up a clear growth path for the next few years and are confident of achieving that,” says Ms Sujatha. Currently, MeritTrac Services is focussing on achieving the large growth and transformation goals for the company over the next 3 to 5 years.

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