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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced several companies across sectors to cut down jobs, deduct salaries and leave without pay. The impact of the virus on businesses and jobs is not uniform across sectors, with some taking the brunt and others barely skimming the bad phase. Reaching out to companies and source mandates, completely free of charge, Zetta Women is doing its best to find gainful employment to all those who have lost their jobs due to the COVID crisis at the earliest.

A lot of highly educated and skilled professional women are still not treated at par with men. The discrimination becomes all the more evident when women try to return to work after taking a break. The opportunities made available are mostly never better or equal to their previous jobs. The idea for Zetta Women came up when Saurav Das, Co-founder of Zetta Women, noticed that his wife found it quite daunting to get a coveted software job after a break of one year.

With “Zetta” coming from a Greek word that means ten to the power of twenty-one, Zetta Women focuses on the employability of highly skilled and talented professionals. Primarily into recruiting women professionals on a career break, Zetta Women also focuses on recruiting retired professionals, LGBT professionals, and differently-abled professionals as well. With their Zetta Women Associate Programme (ZWAP), women on a break become entrepreneurs under the aegis of Zetta Women, specializing in full-service HR services like consulting, training, and recruiting.

Behind every successful Startup is a team of passionate individuals who work tirelessly towards a common goal. Regardless of how awesome your idea may be, building a strong team is the steppingstone to success. With the help of Mrs. Geetha Verma, a TISS alumnus, and HR veteran, Mrs. Guna Karkera, a senior BSFI professional, Adv. Anjana Sharma, a Supreme Court Lawyer, Mrs. Yogita Bankar, Civil Engineer, Prof. Ela Goyal, a tech entrepreneur, Prof. Aditi Sinha, a veteran psychotherapist along with the Purva and Ankita heading the PR Team, Saurav has been able to achieve greatness with Zetta Women.

The world is changing, becoming more and more dynamic, and so are our workplaces. Companies are looking for employees who don’t focus only on one skill but possesses an entire skill-set required by a particular industry, along with the mandatory soft skills. These new requirement patterns have changed the hiring scene to a great extent over the last decade. Zetta Women is currently working with large and mid-sized IT and non-IT companies who are open to hiring women after a career break.

Bringing back a sense of happiness to those who have been placed so far after a career break, Zetta Women aspires to make women financially empowering. On a lookout for including tech platforms in their domain to engage with tech Startups, Zetta Women is all set to be one of the few specialized businesses working for the cause of gender equality, inclusiveness, and workplace diversity.

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