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The rapid digital transformation has opened doors to unparalleled opportunities for value creation across diverse industries. Today, organizations are leveraging the potential of disruptive technologies such as AI & ML, cyber security advances, and 5G networks to achieve short-term and long-term business goals. However, this was not the case in early 2019.

Christian Wagner and Stefan Wimmer, who founded BAYFU, had previously worked in the telecommunication industry and possessed extensive knowledge in mobile communication solutions. They soon came to understand the potential of 5G private campus networks and how much their implementation could benefit organizations. Stefan & Christian also spotted a paucity of technology experts who could guide organizations to develop digital strategies at reduced costs. BAYFU was incepted to address these needs.

Offering a Seamless Path to Private LTE / 5G Mobile Networks

Located in Germany, BAYFU is a consulting company supporting clients by identifying the use cases, defining concepts, and selecting the right vendors as per their organizational needs. The USP of BAYFU is that it is entirely neutral and independent. Rest assured that client organizations always get the right solution best suits their requirements.

BAYFU’s portfolio consists of three pillars: Consulting, Services, and Business Intelligence. In the consulting area, the team of BAYFU assists customers in business cases, supports wireless technology investments, and optimizes operational models (e.g., Deployment of 5G networks from mobile network operators). Technical planning, radio planning, project management, acquisition, and integration are included in BAYFU’s services. Whereas customers are given a comprehensive view of the digital market, benchmarking technologies, and products based on Business Intelligence.

Through its extensive range of services, BAYFU has served the IT sector and other industries such as production, logistics, health, agriculture, transport, city carrier, and marketing. Recently, BAYFU supports with its 5G network know how the railway sector, military, and research & development. The critical benefit BAYFU’s customers gain is its expertise in wireless technology and in the area of the mobile network operator.

Expert Team behind BAYFU’s Success

At BAYFU, each employee is a tech enthusiast who works in diverse positions and has experience handling multiple projects. Diversity such as this drives BAYFU’s expertise and innovation. Hence, there are always new customers to cater to, new people to work with, and a new knowledge base to explore. It is also one of the main reasons the team at BAYFU stays motivated and driven. Its employees are always ready to tackle new challenges.

While commenting on their team’s capabilities and area of expertise, Christian Wagner states, “The success of our company is significantly due to our exceptionally experienced employees. Our management team has handpicked a group of extraordinarily experienced personnel from diverse industries. Our team comprises professional experts from telecommunications, IT, frequency management, project management, and consulting.”

Likewise, BAYFU’s team has radio and core technology experts and highly experienced C-Level managers from world-leading technology vendors. This mix of different capabilities gives the customer a 360-degree view of their topics.

Serving Clients with Made in Germany Quality Services

Solidly planned and built on the foundation of knowledge and experience, BAYFU’s customers are at the center of its existence. As managing partners, Christian & Stefan ensure that selected and experienced specialists are made available to customers. Through their active participation in projects, they also ensure that performance assurances are fulfilled and that the DNA of BAYFU is implemented: individual solutions based on technological standards. Furthermore, BAYFU is helping its clients translate the mobile communication language into their language and, most importantly, lowering their barriers and persuading them to adopt new technologies.

To date, BAYFU’s extensive and satisfied list of customers is its best marketing tool. Moreover, Christian & Stefan’s marketing strategy for BAYFU includes building solid connections in the business ecosystem. With every highly experienced consultant joining its team, BAYFU gains a more extensive network. BAYFU stands for quality, neutrality, and knowledge. And so, customers can rely on this promise.

Future Plans to Expand BAYFU’s Footprint

The European market offers sophisticated and high-end technologies for automation and digitalization. Therefore, keeping up with this momentum, BAYFU is also expanding rapidly in the middle-european market with its team of industry experts, made in Germany services, and large clientele base.

In the following years, Christian & Stefan and their team are planning to expand BAYFU’s footprint by further targeting new industries and building a customer base like never before.

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About Christian Wagner

Christian is an expert in cellular mobile networks and information technology. He has worked for more than 25 years in several positions at Mobile Network Operators in Germany. At a German Tier One Antenna Manufacturer, Christian was responsible for introducing an active Distributed Antenna Systems worldwide. In this position, and in his activities in several initiatives like MuLTEFire or Small Cell Forum, he saw early the demand for private networks in the industry market. Christian started his own company BAYFU with a team of experts in Mobile Communication to consult companies like Mobile Network operators, Mobile Equipment Vendors, and Production Industry Companies to pave the way for Private Mobile Networks. He holds several patents in distributing mobile networks.

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