Steve Schroeder, CEO/Founder, Twitter Fundraising

Steve Schroeder is the founder and CEO of Twitter Fundraising, Smart Community Technologies, DeCoy (Decentralized Customer Loyalty) and FAAST (Fundraising as a Service Technologies). All companies are focused on expanding the bitcoin ecosystem around the world.  Steve has been in the customer loyalty space for over 20 years.  Long before Bitcoin, Steve was devising a custom currency in the form of USD rather than points, miles or stars but after learning about Bitcoin the asset in 2019 and then spending considerable study on the subject over the past 3 years, Steve’s passion is helping others and using his past experience to create a fun, easy, and lucrative way for people to secure their own digital asset and learn how to hold property rights for their families which can’t be confiscated or inflated away.


Being the founder of several customer loyalty companies during an age where mobile apps were virtually non-existent (remember the first iPhone was released June 29th, 2007), I have seen first-hand how innovative technology can transform a business and community from one of despair and hopelessness to one of hope and strength.  

But what is coming next is off the charts!  

Here is a brief update as to what customer loyalty technology will do by the end of 2023 and could very well determine the next President by end of year 2024. 

Wait a minute!  

Did I say customer loyalty technology could determine the next President of the U.S.?  

Yes, I did, and this is why I will lay out a brief list of what is coming by the end of 2023, and how it might be used to influence a community, morph into a country loyalty solution, and thus change the direction of a country and get both Democrats and Republicans working together rather than tearing the country apart.  

Once we understand what is at stake, and how the technology works, it may very well give us our very own ideas which just might change the world.   

So, here we go…

  1. Instead of points (such as Chick-fil-A points where 10-13 points are awarded for every dollar spent).  Instead of Stars (such as Starbucks Stars where 2 stars are awarded for every dollar spent).  And instead of airline miles (such as 5 miles for every dollar spent with a Capital One credit card, or American Airlines Visa card).  Instead of points, stars, and miles, actual money will be rewarded instead.  
  2. In addition, the money rewarded will be a combination of different currencies.  Here is a sample list of these currencies coming by the end of 2023.  
    1. Bitcoin 
    2. United States Dollar
    3. Brand currencies such as Miller Coors currency or Great Value currency at Walmart. 
    4. Location currencies such as Waffle House currency or Starbucks currency. 
    5. Digital Drawing Engine currency such as an eBay currency which can only be used inside the digital drawing engine which operates like a decentralized eBay.
    6. Free items balance with no strings attached or BOGO offer (Buy One Get One)
  1. By mixing and matching the above currencies based on Geo Location inside a mobile app which looks like a digital wallet but with unique currencies featuring Surprise and Delight, we have already revolutionized customer loyalty. 
  2. We have also revolutionized advertising and marketing since everything is paid for and handled on behalf of any business.  There is never any cost (to the business in theory) until a customer is inside their location and spending money.  
  3. In addition, there are no redemption costs to the currencies, and in many instances even the free item which drives people to the location is paid for by the featured brand giving away the free item to consumers. 
  4. Instead of paying for advertising or marketing in advance and hoping that the campaign works, we have reversed this top-down strategy so there is no cost if customers don’t show up, only when they do and only when they are spending money or doing what the business needs to have done without having to pay an advertising or marketing middleman or software provider.  
  5. We eliminate advertising and marketing costs for businesses by promoting certain brands which does not matter to the business but does matter to the brand. 
  6. We don’t even need to touch Bitcoin the asset to use bitcoin the network, which is called The Lightning Network, we can transfer earning instantly for virtually free to just about anyone in the world.  
  7. All of the fundraising is handled on behalf of the business through a membership program similar to Amazon Prime but with far greater benefits since 50% of the small membership fee of $4.95 per month can be allocated to the cause of the customer’s choice and locked in by Smart Contract so people don’t need to trust humans.  
  8. No more discounting, no more coupons, nothing to remember, it’s automated.
  9. Customer frequency and spending increases since the emotions of advertising have been reversed to one of loss if the customer fails to go to the business.  For example, when we tested this strategy with Miller Coors, we offered 31 Miller Coors beers for $10.00 but with a limit of 1 per day.  So, every day the customer could come in and get their beer but if they did not show up, they lost their beer.  We blocked Budweiser and other brands, so it became a Miller Coors exclusive.  In return for this brand exclusivity, Miller Coors paid for everything on behalf of the business including remodeling of the facility with new carpet, new signs, new promotions, and much more.  Frequency increased by 367% and the average ticket went up 47% due to the goodwill of the ‘package benefit’.   
  10. No cost to the business for marketing, advertising, or the product sold and money was donated to the community on behalf of the business, but the business receives all the credit!  That’s a pretty nice mouse trap.

But it gets better! 

  1. Money earned through the app in a variety of ways such as posting to Twitter, taking a picture of certain brands, visiting a friend, attending church, getting an A on an exam, buying 3 things within a 24-hour period using a Geo Social Scavenger hunt algorithm, or just about any behavior we want to manufacture goes directly to the consumers digital wallet on their phone at no cost to the business.  
  2. There are many fun and innovative ways each consumer earns real money or free items instead of difficult to understand and poor value Chick-fil-a points or complicated Starbucks stars which have even less value and cannot be transferred or used anywhere other than Starbucks.  
  3. In addition, any money earned through behavior can now be transferred to almost any other person, entity, or group in the world without wire transfer fees, monetary conversion fees, banking fees, or any number of fees which dominate the current fiat system and leave the poor class which depends on this network helpless to the elite who control inflation, fees, monetary networks, and the very freedoms of these people to spend money without a government overlooking every transaction or inflating the value of way, or confiscating their wealth.
  4. No more Western Union fees, no more Money Gram fees, no more using the existing monetary rails to transfer and send money.   
  5. No fees of any type which will revolutionize the remittance industry so that billions of people who rely on the current economic system to send money to loved ones across the world, will now be set free for the first time in modern human history.

The Lightning Network is the network of bitcoin compared to the asset of bitcoin. 

The Lightning Network can also transfer and convert FIAT money (apart from Bitcoin the asset if necessary) or transfer USD, transfer Walmart cash, transfer free items, transfer brand currencies, transfer digital drawing currencies and open up a complete open-source system which has never existed in the history of payments or customer loyalty.  

This concept is a complete game changer for people around the world who often have upwards of 20% of their remittance (sometimes much more) gobbled up in intermediary fees while putting their family at risk of being robbed, raped, or murdered when visiting money transfer centralized locations.   

Once we transfer power (or the ability for the elite to retain power through money), then that changes customer loyalty into community loyalty and then morphs it into country loyalty without anyone knowing what is taking place.  

Shhh…don’t tell anyone 

For the first time in technology history there is a new monetary network which people around the world can use without any threat of control, confiscation, theft, inflation, or loss of value since the transfer takes place almost immediately.  

Currently there are only 4 networks consumers can access and it’s controlled by banks, regulations, manipulation, corruption, and the elite who orchestrate events to benefit the elite and put the cost on the shoulders of the poor and weak.   

These legacy systems are closed source systems designed to lock people out. Designed to be hidden without transparency in order to fool the poor and middle class.

Bitcoin and Lighting are open source which lets everyone in, so the differences are great.  

Here are the closed source networks…   

The Visa Network

The MasterCard Network

The Discover Network

The AMEX Network

The SWIFT Network is different but uses similar ‘rails’ of the legacy monetary system so if Russia invades Ukraine, the United States can ‘sanction Russia’ from the SWIFT banking network (as we have done), which really hurts the citizens of Russia more than the leadership of Russia.  

In other words, it’s the everyday people who have paid the price for wars, corruption, manipulation, control, and top-down economic policies which has put us in the current economic situation of today.  

When the monetary system and economic situation is perilous, then the military and war system become perilous as well.   

Fix the money, fix the world is a theme that unites people fighting for justice, freedom, open source, transparency, and fairness around the world.  

Either way, Russia and China are now moving quickly to get rid of U.S. domination in the monetary arena so they will not be affected by economic sanctions in the future.  

We are in a race for digital supremacy and the powerful and elite will not give up control easily, so it requires a Trojan Horse type of strategy through customer loyalty to put the network in place.   

By the time everyone realizes it’s much more than customer loyalty, it’s too late.   

Here are a few side facts to the technology…

Bitcoin divides itself into 100 million parts for each digital coin as compared to 100 parts for each U.S. Dollar.  Each dollar consists of 100 pennies (smallest denomination of the dollar) and each bitcoin consists of 100 million Satoshi’s (smallest denomination of bitcoin the asset) or SATS for short.  

If Bitcoin were priced at $100,000,000 per coin, then each SAT would be equivalent to 1 Dollar.  Any person can google how much money 1000 SATS is worth at today’s price of bitcoin which is approaching $25,000 per coin.  Each coin is divided into 100,000,000 million pieces as mentioned above and fractions of currencies can now be sent, spent, or donated for virtually free using the Lightning Network, something which has never been possible until today.   

I cannot overestimate how important this is to humanity. 

Wait a minute once again.  

Are we saying that the Lightning Network is a payment network similar to Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover, and SWIFT?  

I guess we would say yes, but it’s so much better than the legacy systems above, it’s hard to compare Bitcoin and Lightning to those closed source systems which have ended up being corrupted due to the temptation of money and power. 

Bitcoin and Lightning are open source, so it can serve the entire world, everyone has access, it can’t be stopped, confiscated, stolen, or manipulated.  

The ‘consensus algorithm’ is in place, the original Trojan Horse of bitcoin has slipped underneath the radar using similar strategies and technologies to gain strength where now it can’t be stopped.  

Bitcoin and Lightning are the exit strategies for corruption, manipulation, top-down economics, injustice, inflation, wars, along with many other human problems.

If the above is true, then the first country which really grasps this phenomenon and runs a parallel economic system with their existing currency, will solidify their presence as the dominant world digital currency for decades to come.  

But there is a price to pay…everyone wins, not just the elite, so who knows what will happen in the future.  

Either way, these technologies are being introduced through a Trojan Horse type of strategy (which is customer loyalty) where it’s not recognizable until it’s too late, just like Bitcoin the asset had to be introduced.  

Many would say the current system is so corrupt, can’t we just kill it.

Yes, we can kill the current system now that a new one is ready, but the pain would be so immense it might be too great of a price to pay, but it’s always an option.  

For the United States, here is what can happen if the U.S. Dollar along with Bitcoin and Lightning are orchestrated correctly for the benefit of everyone.  

  1. Everyone will win, but the elite may win a little less since everyone is invited to the party.  When the game is rigged, the ones who win don’t like the rules being changed or adhered too since they lose their advantage. 
  2. We can orchestrate a soft landing saving untold suffering, misery, and death around the world.  There will still be starvation, death, inflation and wars, but the system set in motion may very well end these unnecessary wars and drive humanity together.  It’s worth a shot would you say?
  3. We can avoid or decrease the likelihood of a nuclear holocaust or World War 3.  Nothing is guaranteed of course, but we can all get along in the sandbox if the monetary networks are cleaned up and it’s open source rather than closed source with no price to pay for war by simply printing of money to fund the war. 
  4. Since everyone benefits, this means both Republicans and Democrats benefit.  It means everyone benefits even our enemies or even those who we might not like or might not get along.  Everyone means everyone, but when a monetary network like this is put together properly, it can heal the world of division and bring everyone together so we can all thrive and survive together and leave a world for our kids and grandkids which can be amazing. 

Right now, CBDC’s are being put in place so that the elite can retain control in the digital economy, and most people think that Bitcoin and Lightning are a part of this corrupt CRYPTO space.  Nothing could be further from the truth, Bitcoin and Lightning were created to save people from the corrupt CRYPTO space, not be a part of the problem.  

Obviously if what is being said is true, then there is going to be a fight to retain the old system since this new system would be a complete paradigm and rip control from the elite. 

That’s why customer loyalty technology is being used, it’s subtle, it’s open, it’s easy, and the seeds can be placed to get this asset and network into the lives of as many people as possible so that people realize if the ants can work together, they can defeat the grasshoppers because there are so many ants.  The ants just need to realize their power and choose a way to work together, and the grasshoppers will lose their death grip of control by using money, energy, manipulation, and lies to solidify their position.  

There is a lot at stake. 

In our next article, we will look at a few innovative ideas being used to help people, help communities, and then help countries as the movement gains strength and spreads throughout the world.  

Customer Loyalty morphs into Community Loyalty, which then morphs into Country Loyalty, which then morphs into a solution for the planet. 

Thank you for reading.

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