Mattia Zoccarato, CEO and Founder, Chiron

In recent years, the AI and Data Science industry has witnessed phenomenal growth owing to technological advancements, the proliferation of data, and the increasing demand for intelligent automation across various industries. In fact, according to the latest reports, the global AI market is expected to reach $733.7 billion by 2027, while the global data science market is expected to reach $230.80 billion by 2026.

In this competitive market, Venice-based Chiron is well-positioned to take advantage of this rapid growth. Chiron is one of the most innovative companies in Europe, helping organisations make strategic, tactical, and operational decisions based on data. The company offers a wide range of AI and Data Science solutions to various industries in the ecommerce field, including fashion, luxury, telecommunication, and food. But what sets Chiron apart is its focus on delivering customised solutions for E-stores that meet each client’s unique needs.

The Beginnings

Founded in 2018, Chiron is the brainchild of Mattia Zoccarato, a seasoned data science leader who wanted to help businesses leverage the power of AI and data to solve complex problems and drive growth. The name ‘Chiron’ comes from Greek mythology, where Chiron was a wise centaur who was known for his intelligence, healing skills, and teaching abilities. Mattia chose this name to represent the company’s knowledge, innovation, and expertise values. Staying true to its name, the company combines the best big data and machine learning technologies to help organisations become truly data-driven.

“At Chiron, our main goal is to help organisations visualise their business problems from a data perspective, understand the principles for extracting useful knowledge, and provide the best solutions to our clients,” shares Mattia.

Extensive Service Offerings

Chiron offers a wide range of AI and Data Science services to help e-commerce businesses leverage the power of data and AI to solve complex problems and drive growth. The two main areas include Custom eCommerce Solutions and AI Consultancy and Training. Likewise, the company’s key expertise lies in developing e-commerce solutions such as Analytics Dashboards, Recommendation Systems, Automation Systems, Dynamic Pricing Systems etc.

Chiron has developed Sirio, an advanced monitoring system capable of tracking the anomalies present within an organization’s E-commerce from 3 different points of views:

  • Technological: Sirio detects all the technological anomalies present within the site such as javascript errors, 404 errors, downsites, and slow pages. When there are peaks of anomalies, the customer is notified in real time and, by downloading the relative table with specific error messages, it is possible to make changes to make the site perform in the best possible way.
  • Performance: By knowing the lost revenue from the errors users encounter, they can fix and recover them. The goal is to understand the paths of users who do not perform well and to understand how to better improve each step of the funnel with the aim of increasing e-commerce conversion rates.
  • Behavioural: What is the user’s journey through the funnel? Where does he find problems? The aim is to better understand the website’s usability and navigability, as well as the emotional aspect of the user that causes them to leave the step in the funnel, they are currently in.

The unified analysis of all these issues allows users to identify the causes of the anomalies that have arisen and to define the missed revenue due to them, in order to prioritize them in terms of criticality. Moreover, the strength of this technological product lies in the ability to identify anomalies of different types starting from drops recorded by proprietary tracking systems.

Key Partner Benefits

Chiron partners can enjoy a wide range of benefits mentioned while working with the company.

  1. Expertise and Experience: Chiron has a team of highly skilled data scientists and AI experts who bring years of experience. They use the latest technologies and techniques to develop innovative solutions that enable businesses to stay ahead of the competition.
  2. Transparency and Communication: Chiron prioritises transparency and communication, providing partners with regular updates and insights into their projects’ progress. This helps partners stay informed and make data-driven decisions that drive growth.
  3. Fast Turnaround: Chiron understands the importance of timely delivery and works diligently to deliver solutions within the agreed-upon timeframe. This helps partners to get their products and services to market faster, enabling them to seize new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Chiron offers competitive pricing for its services, enabling partners to get the best value for their investments. The company offers flexible pricing models that can be customised to fit each partner’s unique needs.

Onwards and Upwards Growth

Since its inception, Chiron has witnessed significant growth and progress. The company has expanded its service offerings, developed new partnerships with clients, and strengthened its team by welcoming data scientists, AI experts, and business professionals passionate about data. To date, Chiron has worked with clients across various industries such as fashion, luxury, telecommunication, and food, delivering innovative solutions that have helped them achieve their business objectives.

Considering its relentless commitment to customer service, Chiron’s clients have provided positive feedback and testimonials highlighting the success of its innovative and data-driven projects and the value the solutions bring to their businesses. The company also conducts regular surveys to gather feedback and improve its services.

Fostering a Positive Workplace Culture

In today’s business landscape, it is known that engaged employees are the key to a successful business. Similarly, at Chiron, employee engagement is considered critical for its continued growth and success; hence, the company prioritises creating a positive work environment and culture.

Expansion Plans

As the Founder & CEO, Mattia feels that the US Market is the best for Chiron’s products as many companies in the e-commerce market need AI-powered solutions. The company plans to invest in its team and technology infrastructure to support its growth and expansion. He adds, “We also plan to expand our partnerships with leading technology companies and build on our strong reputation for delivering exceptional service to our clients.”

Dynamic Marketing Strategies

Chiron’s marketing strategy focuses on building relationships with potential clients and stakeholders, educating them on the value of its solutions, and positioning themselves as trusted partners in the AI and Data Science industry.

Moreover, Chiron’s promotional tools include digital and social media marketing, blogging, webinars and newsletters, and online and offline PR. The company also participates in numerous events and conferences around the world, such as WAICF in Cannes, WMF in Rimini, Netcomm Forum in Milan, and E-commerce Food Conference in Bologna, and builds a lot of trustable partnerships with stakeholders in the e-commerce field, such as 4eCom, Assintel, and others.

Moving forward, Chiron will continue to deliver innovative solutions and provide exceptional services to clients, helping them achieve their business objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

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