Delmar Assis, Founder and CEO of DRZ Corporation

Data is everything today. That is why traditional software may not be enough to handle it effectively, which is where professionals come in to unravel it all. Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil’s vibrant financial center, DRZ Corporation provides solutions for data management and governance, transforms data into business assets, democratizes the use of data, and promotes digital transformation for the company to be a data-driven business. “Demand has grown rapidly, with a huge need for intelligence to extract insights from data, which is the new oil. Since our foundation, we have been committed to transforming data into relevant business assets. We have teams with deep knowledge of data and how to transform and govern them. We also have a great ecosystem with partners to provide a fully holistic solution,” says Delmar Assis, Founder and CEO of DRZ Corporation.

Delmar’s entire career has been focused on the data area. Graduated in Computer Science with several specializations in data science and an MBA, Delmar has worked in technology for over 25 years, always in large multinationals in the enterprise sector. His team has been delivering consistent and valuable results for those customers. He says, “The most important factor is understanding that the business needs to provide an agile and correct data solution to real business problems. Our journey has been great. We are expanding every year, which motivates us to move forwards.”

DRZ offers solutions to transform data into business assets with the best global solutions. The company understands the business needs to provide an agile and correct data solution to solve real business problems. It provides the most innovative solution with the help of a highly specialized data solutions team committed to making results in solving business problems with cost and risk reductions. “DRZ was a project designed and structured to be long-lasting and innovative, providing relevant solutions and placing customers at the center of the action. We have grown in revenue, customers, and territory. We have a strong presence in the Latin American region, serving more than 9 countries, with year after year growth in the number of customers,” Delmar says.

Ensuring Clients’ Satisfaction

Effective data governance brings value to all team members across the organization. “It is increasingly urgent to govern one of the main business assets: data. However, many companies are still trying to understand how to do it. We offer the implementation with methodology and the solution,” shares Delmar. Transforming large amounts of raw data to facilitate quick access to the right people with appropriate permissions and implementing a self-service data harmonizing with data mesh are challenging for companies. DRZ supports these challenges from solution design to implementation and maintenance, creating metrics for data usage and allowing data monetization.

Companies must start managing this data based on business initiatives so that results are consistent and the business can be part of the solution, from conception to the first quick wins. DRZ offers a solution for the complete roadmap, from acquisition, transformation, unification, enrichment, and governance. “Effective communication and interaction are essential when you are dealing with data. We have seen a great demand from companies to communicate and understand their customers correctly, generating increased satisfaction, personification, retention, and increased consumption of their products, as well as reducing risks and costs. We have a complete CCM-CXM (customer experience) solution for an effective omnichannel,” shares Delmar.

Committed to Solve Business Problems

Partnering with DRZ, companies would get the most innovative solutions, teams very specialized in data solutions, best practices, and commitment to solving business problems with cost and risk reductions. For instance, DRZ worked with a large restaurant chain to help them transform how they manage their products and items by reducing losses and stocks. DRZ did a complete optimization for company buyers to negotiate better with their providers. Delmar explains, “We have transformed their campaigns that used to be for files into an entire workflow to reduce time, costs, and governance. We optimized the entire tax chain to reduce tax rates and values, simplified complex calculations, and enormously reduced numerous processes with a high risk of errors and problems.”

Working with a retail chain, DRZ optimized the entire chain of the process of creating new products.  “We optimized the process of creating new products, reducing time, costs, risks, and people involved,” shares Delmar. With cutting-edge data solutions, DRZ improved the entire supplier registration process chain, from initial data, certifications, and verification to final approval. The company also implemented the adequacy of complaints allowing the complete management of the adequacy of the laws involved.

Finding Innovation Within the Team

Delmar’s way of managing people at DRZ is multidisciplinary. He is highly attentive to different points with a human eye and simultaneously delivers high-quality results and value to customers. “I have always been attentive and supported by teams and members with more horizontal management. The pandemic brought challenges. However, we managed it well since we had been doing our work in a hybrid way. The non-coexistence was problematic, but we intensified conversations through virtual cafes and found time for individualized attention more frequently,” shares Delmar.

DRZ has high-performance teams that are attentive and connected to the needs and priorities of customers. Delmar says, “Our goal is to transform raw data into business assets because we now have a critical mission for the success of our customers where we provide a fully holistic solution. Most important is understanding the business needs to provide an agile and correct data solution to real business problems. This has helped us create recurrent customers; through them, we reach out to new clients and expand our network.” Delmar’s advice to startups in this domain is simple: make a clear business plan focusing on customer needs, listen to them, interact, and join a group to discuss market tendencies. He adds, “Remember that consistency and execution are the keys to success.”

Today, companies look forward to extracting insights from data and using it efficiently and intelligently without forgetting governance. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for companies like DRZ that can deliver quick, innovative solutions. However, they must be aligned with the most diverse constant innovations, as solutions can quickly become obsolete. “We plan to continue investing in innovative solutions to keep our customers satisfied,” says Delmar.  In the coming years, DRZ’s customers can expect many cutting-edge insights and solutions for managing and transforming their data into business assets. “Soon, we will have a new version with amazing AI/ML features,” concludes Delmar.

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