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In the fast-changing world of international banking and finance, simply keeping up is not enough. To stay ahead, one needs to be innovative and adaptable. That’s where get it live comes in – a groundbreaking company that combines cutting-edge technology with expert consulting services to help businesses transform and thrive.

At the core of get it live’s mission is a commitment to enabling digital evolution for its clients. Specializing in the development and operation of bespoke product innovations and software systems, the company serves as a trusted partner for international banking and finance institutions embarking on their digital journey. Jan Husseini, Founder & Managing Director of ‘get it live’, articulates this ethos succinctly: “In addition to consulting, we also provide a large number of customizable technology and software solutions that range from web frontends for onboarding and online banking to specialized software for risk-, compliance- and KYC management to five-star-rated mobile apps for end-consumers to manage their financial products.”

What sets get it live apart is its unwavering dedication to tailoring solutions to the unique needs of each client. Rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach, the company ensures that every solution is meticulously crafted to align with the specific requirements and objectives of banking and finance enterprises. As Husseini underscores, “We tailor every solution to the needs of our clients and do not expect them to fit into an off-the-shelf offering. Thus, it ensures that each solution is specifically designed to meet the specific requirements and goals of the banking and finance companies it works with.”

From infrastructure modernization to data analytics and digital platform integration, the company empowers clients to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiencies alike. Husseini elucidates, “We achieve this by offering assistance in infrastructure modernization, analytics with effective data management, and strengthening or implementing digital banking and finance platforms.”

Crucially, regulatory compliance remains at the forefront of get it live’s endeavors. By prioritizing adherence to industry regulations and leveraging automation where possible, the company ensures seamless integration with legacy systems while paving the way for innovation. Thus, ‘get it live’ not only supports international companies in navigating digital disruptions but also facilitates their evolution and growth in an ever-changing landscape.

A Proven Process for Seamless Transformation

In the digital age, the need for a business to adapt and evolve has never been more imperative. For get it live, this lies at the heart of its mission as it spearheads the migration of existing processes into the digital domain. Husseini, emphasizes the pivotal role of understanding in this transformative journey: “The initial and most crucial step to migrating an existing process into a digital environment is to ‘listen, learn, and understand.’” Guided by this principle, get it live has meticulously crafted a refined process aimed at ensuring a smooth transition for its clients.

Central to this process is the critical phase of analysis, wherein get it live delves deep into the intricacies of existing processes. By listening attentively to stakeholders and understanding their objectives, limitations, and aspirations for change, the company lays the groundwork for a tailored approach to digital transformation. As Husseini aptly puts it, “If it is a customer-facing process, a most forgotten step is to put yourself in the shoes of the customer and ask yourself the following: What does the customer want? How does he perceive the process? How can we make it as easy and transparent as possible for him?”

Crucially, get it live views the analysis phase as an indispensable investment, offering it as a complimentary service for all projects. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of project intricacies, the company proceeds to the design phase, where innovative solutions take shape. Husseini elaborates, “Upon completion of the analysis phase, we are able to proceed with designing and shaping the digital process according to the project requirements. To accomplish this, we leverage a diverse array of tools and components to expedite implementation and ensure a swift turnaround.”

Throughout the implementation stage, get it live adopts a pragmatic approach, evaluating the merits of integrating, bypassing, or modernizing elements of legacy systems. This decision-making process is tailored to each project’s unique context, encompassing regulatory considerations, resource allocation, budgetary constraints, and client preferences.

Even beyond implementation, get it live remains steadfast in its commitment to client satisfaction. With dedicated support mechanisms in place, the company ensures that post-implementation needs are met comprehensively. From addressing issues to providing training and support, get it live stands as a reliable partner in its clients’ digital journey.

Empowering Innovation with a Unique Approach

In the realm of digital transformation, get it live stands out as an innovative leader with a unique approach that combines fixed-price budgets and Agile development methodology. Jan Husseini highlights that customers appreciate the company’s ability to merge fixed-price budgeting with an Agile development approach, providing them with both cost predictability and flexibility in project execution. Empowering clients through predefined budgets is a core value for get it live, as it not only aids clients in meticulous expense planning but also allows for seamless adjustments to project modifications. Husseini explains, “Thorough the initial analysis phase we come to a comprehensive understanding of projects, facilitating accurate effort assessment and budget determination. Utilizing this insight, we establish and adhere to a fixed budget without deviation. And it is this commitment to a set budget regardless of circumstances that fosters trust and confidence between us and the customer.”

Beyond financial predictability, get it live distinguishes itself through its proactive approach to project management. Clients consistently laud the company for its unwavering dedication to their success and its adept handling of project coordination and vendor management, all without external intervention.

Moreover, get it live boasts a profound understanding of the regulatory intricacies that define the banking and finance sector. With a keen eye on evolving regulatory landscapes, the company offers platforms that adhere rigorously to industry guidelines, including Anti Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), and Suspicious Transaction Reporting (STR) requirements. As Husseini affirms, “With our cutting-edge digital platforms and solutions, we can offer our customers tailored, personalized services to support them to handle the numerous regulatory requirements. By tailoring to their needs, we are able to help remove redundancies and optimize workflows, ultimately saving them valuable time and making the process more customer friendly.”

Providing Tailored Software Solutions and Superior Support

Within the intricate ecosystem of banking and finance, the quest for tailored software solutions that seamlessly align with institutional needs is paramount. get it live emerges as a stalwart ally in this pursuit, offering a suite of solutions meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requirements of banks and financial institutions.

Central to get it live’s software offerings is the flexibility to accommodate diverse deployment models. The company provides clients with the option to host and operate its software “on-premise,” within the confines of the client’s network. In this capacity, ‘get it live’ assumes the role of a software vendor, furnishing clients with comprehensive documentation to facilitate independent software operation. Husseini elucidates, “Our team of experts will work closely with them to ensure a smooth implementation and provide ongoing support to address any questions or concerns that may arise.”

While some clients opt for on-premise deployment, many gravitate towards the convenience and cost-effectiveness of having ‘get it live’ manage and operate the software on their behalf. This preference underscores the trust placed in the company’s expertise and the assurance of seamless operations. In this scenario, get it live either procures dedicated hardware tailored to the client’s needs or leverages its proprietary GIL Cloud infrastructure.

The GIL Cloud stands as a testament to get it live’s commitment to excellence, boasting exclusive hardware infrastructure owned and operated by the company. Husseini elaborates, “By owning the hardware, we are not only able to reduce external dependencies and costs but also gain full control and ensure security over the entire environment. The GIL Cloud, monitored 24/7 and subject to annual review by external security specialists, offers unparalleled scalability to accommodate customer needs.”

Integral to get it live’s software ecosystem is a dedicated customer service team committed to delivering prompt, reliable, and personalized support. Rejecting standardized responses, the team prioritizes the value of customer time, striving to offer bespoke solutions to every query and concern. As Husseini affirms, “We refrain from utilizing templates or predefined responses, recognizing the value of our customers’ time and striving to offer the best possible support.”

A Success Saga: How get it live’s AI-Powered Solution Transformed a Bank’s Operations

The ability to accurately assess and mitigate risks stands as a cornerstone of success in the dynamic landscape of banking and finance. This imperative was keenly felt by a bank specializing in corporate loans, which grappled with a surge in default rates amidst challenging economic conditions. Despite possessing a trove of customer data, the bank struggled to harness its full potential for risk management.

Enter get it live, poised at the nexus of finance and technology, with a transformative solution to address the bank’s predicament. Leveraging its expertise, the company developed a software that integrated with an AI-powered prediction algorithm, tailored to assess customer risk profiles comprehensively. Husseini recounts the pivotal role of this innovation: “We developed a software integrated with an AI-powered prediction algorithm to assess the customer’s risk. Additionally, we trained the AI to also score the customer on a multitude of factors in order to help the bank make better decisions quicker.”

The impact of this AI-driven solution was nothing short of revolutionary at that time. Within a remarkably short span, the bank witnessed a paradigm shift in its operations, empowered by newfound insights into end-client payment behaviors. Armed with comprehensive analytics and machine learning capabilities, the bank gained a deeper understanding of its customers’ financial health and risk profiles. This newfound clarity enabled the bank to make more informed decisions and proactively mitigate potential defaults.

At the heart of this transformative journey lies the unique blend of expertise and innovation embodied by ‘get it live’. Husseini affirms, “We feel that our unique blend of knowledge and expertise in the financial industry, combined with our cutting-edge technology solutions and our ‘get it live’ spirit, provides the perfect recipe for our customers. Not only do we take pride in our swift response times and turn-around times, but we also remain committed to our customers’ success.”

In Pursuit of Innovation and Adaptation

In the fast-paced realm of banking and technology, staying ahead requires not just foresight but a relentless pursuit of innovation and adaptation. get it live exemplifies this ethos through a multifaceted approach to staying updated with the latest advancements and trends in the industry. Husseini underscores the company’s commitment to continuous improvement: “We are constantly monitoring and analyzing the latest developments in technology and the banking sector, both locally and abroad. In order to do this, we actively follow industry news, and engage with industry experts to stay informed about emerging trends, innovations, and best practices.”

Integral to get it live’s success is its proactive engagement with industry experts, consultants, and leaders in both the technology and banking domains. By fostering collaborative partnerships and participating in knowledge-sharing activities, the company gains invaluable insights into the latest advancements and trends. Husseini elaborates, “Our partnerships with technology companies, financial institutions, and other relevant organizations allow us to gain valuable insight into up-and-coming tech.”

Moreover, get it live harnesses the power of data analysis to discern patterns, trends, and customer preferences. By scrutinizing user behavior, transaction data, and market trends, the company identifies emerging needs and areas for improvement in its solutions and services. Husseini emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture of continuous learning among employees: “Since the world of IT is constantly changing and we want to be a part of that change, we encourage a culture of continuous learning among our employees. By providing training programs, workshops, and educational resources to ensure that our workforce remains up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology, we are able to stay ahead of the learning curve.”

Simultaneously, get it live remains vigilant in monitoring regulatory changes within the banking sector. By staying abreast of evolving regulatory requirements, the company proactively adapts its solutions and services to ensure compliance and effectiveness. Husseini affirms, “In order to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of our solutions and services for our clients, we follow a proactive approach to stay up to date in technology and the banking sector.”

Looking ahead, get it live envisions a future where banks assume a central role in delivering customer-centric products, leveraging modern technologies to empower customers while navigating regulatory complexities to foster trust and compliance.

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