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Over the past century, there have been remarkable advancements in material handling and logistics, with one exception: the wooden pallet. Despite being a mainstay of material handling since the 1920s, its weight, hygiene, and recyclability have remained unchanged. Moreover, it is causing unprecedented environmental damage not envisioned a century ago. With over a third of the 5.8 billion wooden pallets produced annually used for one-way purposes and discarded in landfills, the nails in these pallets can take up to 75 years to decompose. Additionally, hundreds of millions of trees are harvested yearly to manufacture these one-way pallets, resulting in the loss of billions of tons of CO2 removal from the environment.

However, a new day and a new pallet have arrived. The KraftPal Corrugated Cardboard One-Way Pallet is as advanced as the other aspects of today’s material handling and logistics, and it is the ideal pallet for one-way use. This innovative pallet offers a solution to the environmental problems associated with the traditional wooden pallet. “KraftPal Pallets offer a host of benefits that surpass those of traditional wooden pallets. They are 80% lighter, resulting in lower fuel costs and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, since they are 100% corrugated cardboard, they can be easily recycled and sent to the cardboard recycling bin after one-way use,” shares Gregor Brajovic, CEO of KraftPal Technologies.

The heat treatment process involved in KraftPal Pallets production ensures that they are 100% hygienic and comply with ISPM-15 standards. In controlled environments, they are also moisture-resistant and provide 80% better shock absorbency than wooden pallets. However, what sets KraftPal Corrugated One-Way Pallets apart is their incredible strength. Thanks to their patented X-Frame construction, they can support a static load of four-and-a-half tons. The Palletonator, the world’s most advanced automated production line, with over 15,000 high-tech elements, accomplishes this construction. In seconds, the Palletonator can produce millions of KraftPal pallets per year. Additionally, production can be tailored to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

The 5th generation of KraftPal’s Palletonator is a marvel of automation, featuring proprietary processes and patented technologies. “It is the most automated, streamlined, and robotic pallet production line ever created, setting a new standard in pallet logistics. We have received the largest financial investment in pallet logistics history to build 60 Palletonators by 2026, capable of producing 90 million pallets annually,” says Mr. Brajovic. Pasaca Capital’s historic investment in KraftPal has allowed the company to scale up its production capacity significantly. KraftPal plans to build 60 fully operational Palletonators by 2026, a move that will enable them to meet the growing demand for their innovative pallets. This investment is a testament to the quality of the product and the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the industry. With this increased production capacity, KraftPal is poised to significantly impact the world of pallet manufacturing, providing a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional wooden pallets.

Disrupting the Sustainable Supply Chain Models

With the incredible speed of the Palletonator, KraftPal can mass-produce its corrugated cardboard pallets in mere seconds. This means that high-volume orders can be fulfilled quickly and reliably, even when faced with tight deadlines. The company also offers customized solutions tailored to its customers’ specific size, shape, and application requirements. This enables more efficient logistics and can result in significant cost savings, much like customizable cardboard boxes. Besides, the transition from traditional wooden pallets to KraftPal Corrugated One-Way Pallets can be completed swiftly and with ease. No additional equipment or special training is required, and operational efficiency will not be impacted. “The switch can be made in as little as one day, allowing you to quickly embrace the modern age of pallets. With KraftPal Corrugated Pallets, you can experience the most advanced and innovative solution available in the material handling and logistics industry,” pinpoints Mr. Brajovic.

KraftPal Technologies has prioritized research and development from the beginning, with most of its time spent in its R&D centre. Recently, the company opened two new design centres in Slovenia and California to support joint R&D projects with their customers and meet international standards. The main R&D centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology necessary for product development, global paper supplier verification, and corrugated board. Additionally, KraftPal Technologies has its own engineering office and production team for mechanical engineering. The Palletonator, which consists of over 15,000 components, is held to the highest internal standards. KraftPal Technologies also uses FSC-certified corrugated cardboard to produce the highest quality pallets.

“Constantly looking for better solutions and adapting to new realities is a must to stay up to date and maintain our business. A culture of innovation is therefore deeply rooted in our company’s core and represents one of the strongest, if not the strongest, core competencies,” states Mr. Brajovic. KraftPal’s innovative technology and commitment to sustainability have earned them recognition, including the Packaging Excellence Award 2021 from the World Packaging Organization.

Working for a Sustainable Future

Today, KraftPal recognizes the increasing demand for sustainability in supply chains from consumers and legislators in the EU. “Many companies are working towards their net zero goals, and we offer our expertise as a solution to help reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainable supply chains,” pinpoints Mr. Brajovic. KraftPal’s one-way pallets reduce costs throughout the supply chain, from the first mile to the last mile, and result in substantial cost-savings on fuel, significantly lower CO2 emissions (80% per pallet), and easier recycling. This leads to simplified one-way logistics and greater downstream efficiencies.

KraftPal’s commitment to sustainability is commendable, especially considering the increasing demand for more environmentally conscious supply chains. It’s encouraging to see that KraftPal is not only providing a solution to the logistics industry’s challenges but also actively contributing to reducing its carbon footprint and helping other companies do the same. KraftPal is the first cardboard pallet designed for modern logistics and represents a revolutionary, sustainable solution for businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. As a leading technology company, KraftPal sets an excellent example for others to follow.

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