Petra Lammers, CEO & Co-Founder, Onliveline GmbH

Incepted in 2013, onliveline GmbH is an award-winning communication, consulting, and coaching company specialising in transformation dramaturgy. The company works with clients, agencies, research organisations, construction companies, corporates, design offices, culture projects, and institutions to develop concepts and strategies to convey an impactful message while always considering the specific situation, feasibility, realisation, and achievement of objectives.

“At onliveline, we do innovative, meaningful storytelling in transformation processes, moments, and campaigns that need a clear dramaturgy, narrative and staging, communication consulting and coaching,” shares Petra Lammers (CEO & Co-founder, onliveline).

Norwin Kandera, CEO & Co-founder

The Beginnings

It all began ten years ago when Petra Lammers (CEO & Co-founder) and Norwin Kandera (CEO & Co-founder) worked at an events agency that always faced trouble while solely focusing on content. Soon after taking this issue into account, Petra and Norwin decided to focus on content and began to write the storylines from staging to strategy and from strategy to staging and emphasised the storytelling process. For many years, they continued to work mostly for agencies and together with them, they started to develop interactive elements on a digital platform. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic happened. With the world going under lockdown, the onliveline team was suddenly approached as they already had a platform, knew how to operate and work digitally, and had expertise in driving content and pushing the co-creation. This led to the onliveline team working full-time just for direct clients.

Additionally, when Petra and her team had started working briefly before COVID-19, they had identified a key area to work on and explore further. It was Virtual Reality (VR). Before long, they started working on projects with clients to explore how VR could be used, whether it was suitable for storytelling and transformations, and how they could drive it, and kept on developing as a key driver. The onliveline team of seven has also expanded to fourteen. Today, it’s all a matter of managing the entire lines of communication and doing meaningful, innovative storytelling.

“As transformation dramaturgs, our mission is to help clients tell their story and to take everyone along co-creatively interactively to reach their goals, to reach their transformations, and to come there together,” asserts Petra.

Key Offerings

onliveline offers three key offerings as follows.

  • Consulting and ideas for communication strategies for campaigns and projects.
  • Development of concepts and detailed conception of communication concepts and staging.
  • Creative management, staging and operation of shows and campaigns with and inside an excellent network, but mainly as a partner of and with agencies and the existing customer’s network.

How does onliveline Stand Apart from its Competitors?

Petra & Norwin and their team do something most people or agencies don’t follow. Mostly, consultants only offer advice; they do not help the client organisations implement and coach the storyline or help implement strategies and train their teams. onliveline, on the other hand, goes much beyond that. The onliveline team helps clients develop the storyline, including the narrative, the storylines, and the direction, and coach their teams to implement the ideas.

“We help them to do the storyline and implement it and bring it to good use and reflect if it’s working well and, when necessary, adjust cocreational aspects and everything,” explains Petra. “We are there for and with our clients throughout the process.” This is one of the important factors that sets onliveline apart from others. As a result, onliveline has and continues to work on huge shows like stadium shows, campaigns, road shows, podcasts, video casts, digital platforms, art projects, and anything that helps them tell their story; innovatively and meaningfully.

Key Partner Benefits

“The key benefits for me are that we’re working so closely as partners that we help try bear transformations. We really help clients identify and achieve their goals. We look at all the complexities and try to decipher what we should start focusing on in the first place and then how should we continue to be there,” states Petra. “We are real partners in driving their transformations and helping them identify and achieve their goals.”

Innovation is in the Company’s DNA 

At onliveline, four themes or key issues drive innovation: gamification, VR, communication, and dramaturgy. All these themes are tied to onliveline’s digital platform focused on making innovative, meaningful storytelling. “For us, to be innovative means telling a perfect storyline and to really co-creatively and interactively develop and push it,” shares Petra.

Moreover, VR is a majorly emphasised area which led to onliveline winning double gold and bronze awards at the VR World. For this project, Petra and her team are working with pharmaceuticals and universities together to help focus on rare diseases and tell stories in VR. To share an instance, there is a project where a patient guides a group of people, as in one logs into the VR with eyeglasses and anytime can walk through that space. The patient actually guides people through the process because of his experience of the illness and explains different aspects of the disease, similar to what a team of expert doctors would do. Then, they are taken inside the blood vessel to see how many cancerous cells are there, what they are doing, and exactly where they are located. This interactive environment created by VR helps patients to understand what is actually happening inside their bodies.

“When we started the artwork four years ago, we focused first on co-creation formats during workshops, formulated a concept along these lines, and developed the prototypes eventually,” mentions Petra. “These prototypes became spaces, and then the spaces became tours and guidings. So, we always developed this with clients to solve their challenges. And so, that is what innovation truly means to us.”

Likewise, the onliveline team has also worked with interactive platforms they had programmed. It involved a lot of gamification aspects which were done co-creatively and continued for several weeks. This resulted in developing learning journeys that Petra and her team used to support organisations with diverse management types. She adds, “Right now, we are helping drive an organisation with six key strategies to reach a goal in 2030 that will be tied to gamification.”

Fostering a Positive Spirit at Workplace

Onliveline has a close-knitted team of experts who love to learn, dare to think outside of the box, and are ready to work on exciting projects that they don’t know precisely how they should be done or how they would end up. Moreover, the company ensures to bring diverse teams so that they all get to know each other, understand each other’s expertise, ask for help when needed, and support and watch out for each other.

Effective Marketing Strategies

According to Petra, the most effective online and live marketing strategies that have worked for onliveline are creating social media presence, offering workshops, and demonstrating visual presentations regarding VR. As a result, the company has won numerous awards and recognitions and continues to grab the attention of new clients.

Exciting Projects to Watch Out for

Currently, the team of onliveline is working on three important aspects, namely VR, transformation dramaturgy, and digital home. Virtual Reality to drive and build metaverses, transformation dramaturgy which would act like a trigger to simplify things, and a digital platform to drive everything together.

Going ahead, onliveline will continue to work on exciting projects with C-suite executives from diverse industries and locations by staging stories, interactive campaigns, & strategies through innovative, meaningful storytelling.

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