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Wherever you are from, whatever your interests are or whichever industry you work in, you will have come across a tale about how ‘data’ is changing the way we live and work. The importance of data and automation has become so big in the world, we are already feeling it and some of us are even worrying about it. Whenever I get into a discussion on this topic, somebody would always ask me, ‘Will robots take our jobs?’ Well, I am not certain about which all jobs will remain for us, but, we do not need to worry if we take the time to understand what is happening, why is it happening, and why it doesn’t have to happen to us.

In fact, every generation sees new tools coming in to make the daily life more efficient. Apparently, during the Third Industrial Revolution, between 1972 and 2010, the number of people employed in the manufacturing sector fell 35 percent. Now, we are part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In the words of leading economists from the World Economic Forum (WEF), we are living in the Cyber-Physical Age, where the physical world will integrate with the digital world through sensors and devices connecting everything and everyone. So, do we need to panic, as many of our jobs be gone with the next decade? We have two options; run around with our hair on fire awaiting doom and gloom or start preparing ourselves with the skills require to stay one step ahead of the robots.

To help business education aspirants in India who are looking for a cutting-edge management education that will prepare them to be the leaders of Industry 4.0, we have come with a list of ‘25 Must Watch Business School India.’ On the cover, we feature Jaipuria School of Business, one of the few business schools in India who saw the early signs of industry 4.0 and has been preparing students to be successful in this era of dynamic technologies.

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