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In today’s globalized market, there is a huge demand for business language and communication skills providers such as Learnship, which helps enterprises shatter cultural barriers and unleash the full potential of their global teams. Founded in 2008 in Cologne, Germany, Learnship is the world’s leading online language and intercultural training provider, with more than 1,000 trainers working with 25,000 learners annually with more than 2,000 corporate clients.

Initially, Learnship focused on trainer-led learning. Later, after acquiring GlobalEnglish, a pioneer of online learning for global enterprises, Learnship took multicultural education to the next level. The tech company combined GlobalEnglish’s online experience and deep understanding of international organizations with its unique learning methodology and technology to build a complete learning solution that includes a self-paced, trainer-led, and next-gen blended training platform.

“Our mission is to unlock the potential of multicultural teams within every global enterprise to create a more collaborative, productive, and successful workforce,” says Thomas Engelbertz, the CEO of Learnship.

A Wide Range of Training Solutions

Learnship’s product portfolio covers all the skills international organizations need to break down intercultural and language barriers. All the products are built within the unique Learnship Halo technology platform:

  • Solo is a digital language learning product. It offers personalized, bite-sized modules that easily fit into busy schedules and allow learners to progress at their own pace.
  • In Learnship’s long-standing Elevate courses, available in 12 languages, learners embark on a customized program that includes regular interaction with their trainers in the virtual classroom to improve their language proficiency. Learnship also offers individual learner programs for executives focusing on their documents, challenges, and timeline.
  • Sprint is a blended learning solution combining digital pre-work and trainer-led sessions in short, high-impact courses focusing on specific language skills, such as negotiations, presentations, and remote project management. It is also ideal for the fast development of overall business language proficiency.
  • The Evolve training concept goes beyond languages to prepare employees for living and working in a different culture, emphasizing cross-cultural communications, intercultural awareness, and country-specific insights.

“All courses include initial assessments for valuable insights into our learners’ proficiency, profile, mission, and goals,” asserts Engelbertz. Moreover, additional features such as email templates, videos, intercultural notes, news feeds, and more enrich the learner experience and help maximise language application and experience.

Learnship’s USP is Outcome-focused, ROI-focused delivery

Over the years, Learnship has built a broad range of training solutions to cover all employee needs per the growing demand of companies.

Engelbertz reveals that his team conducts company-wide diagnostic surveys that accurately identify their local and global challenges and then selects the most appropriate solutions to address them. While the upstream enterprise diagnosis and training courses’ deployment aim to understand a company’s business needs better, the downstream part is just as crucial. Whenever Learnship works with international companies, they measure the metrics specific to training, but also a metric that matters to the C-suite and decision-makers: the return on investment. As a result, Learnship’s outcome-focused, ROI-focused approach gives the tech company a competitive edge in the global market.

Happy Customers are Good Customers

Learnship’s expert teams have built data-driven global training programs relying on four pillars. First, a customer-centric approach, with international and domestic teams dedicated to helping clients deliver the best business impact. Second is the business-relevant, premium content development, and delivery, based on Learnship’s long-standing online pedagogy expertise. The third is its cutting-edge digital technologies and tools to boost learner engagement and monitor progress precisely. And fourth and the most important is a pool of expert trainers and coaches, recruited from a wide range of industries, with relevant certifications and extensive experience, ready to assist client organizations at every step.

As a result, Learnship’s clients are so satisfied that they regularly submit their language training programs to the Brandon Hall Awards, which are like the Oscars of the EdTech industry. The tech company has worked with numerous multinational companies from diverse industries such as media, financial services, retail, technology, telecommunications, etc., delivering unparalleled results.

Transparency & Employee Engagement Go Hand-In-Hand

Engelbertz explains that transparency is the key to engaging and motivating employees in the workplace. “When your talent trusts management, relates to their challenges, and understands the ins and outs, only then can they truly commit to the change we want to drive.”

Moreover, efforts are taken by the leadership team to listen to their global talent and also implement their suggestions. Recently, a Diversity and Inclusion team has been set up as part of the employees’ initiative, sharing regular insights with the management.

“Whether it be training, peer-to-peer transfer of skills, or simply exchanging ideas in the coffee room, I believe developing a common knowledge base and open communications can lead to innovation,” continues Engelbertz.

Tapping the Global Markets for Expansion

Going ahead, Learnship plans to invest in three critical areas as part of its global expansion strategy.

  • Intensifying Talent Recruitment & Development: Learnship witnessed a huge demand for its digital business education solutions over the past two years. To strengthen its workforce, the tech company is looking for diverse talent in IT development, content development, and sales to amplify its performance and meet its strategic and operational goals and objectives.
  • Developing New Learning Options: Engelbertz and his team are creating brand new products and content to overcome fragmentation in the teaching and learning process. He underlines that one of their significant undertakings is Precision Learning, a bite-sized learning option focusing on new business needs such as remote networking skills or remote project management. Moreover, the company’s content development roadmap aims to cover over twenty-five new programs by the end of 2023.
  • Investing in Advanced Technologies: The Learnship team is also working on its flagship language training software platform—Halo—through which learners will be constantly tested and performance will be precisely tracked. It will allow learners to manage their courses and interact with trainers, administrators to have complete insight into all learning activities, and program managers to manage learner outreach, registration, assessment, and training materials—all from within the system.

Hybrid work, globalization, continuous learning, and digital transformation are hot topics on the C-suite’s agenda. Not only does Learnship seem to fit perfectly into today’s trends, but it invests heavily in the technologies and talent that will make tomorrow’s trends. That is why we believe it is one of the 10 must-watch tech companies in 2022.

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