Kenneth Bond, CEO & Enterprise Software Solutions Architect, ROOK Connect

Incepted in 2015, Calgary, Alberta-based ROOK Connect is a trustworthy software fit for businesses looking to streamline operations, enhance their ability to operate efficiently, and maximize revenues through the application of lean practices and workflows. The company offers business process and workflow automation software, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and business intelligence (BI), designed to maximize efficiency.

“We provide new-age technology, exceptional functionality, an amazingly simple user interface, and workflows the way businesses need them,” shares Kenneth Bond, CEO & Enterprise Software Solutions Architect, ROOK Connect. This software comes fully stacked with templates, workflows, processes, and business tools, providing the digital applications needed to drive businesses forward.

Remarkable Product Features

In today’s digital climate, numerous businesses struggle to find the right software/ERPs that cater to their specific needs and requirements. Here comes ROOK Connect’s team to their rescue. Based on years of experience in implementation and designing digital workflows and processes, the team assists clients in configuring and customizing ROOK Connect’s diverse products to match their exact business needs. As a result, clients streamline their day-to-day business processes efficiently and effectively through the software’s adjustable tools, plug-and-play modules, templated applications, and industry-specific configurations.

In addition, ROOK Connect provides a massive advantage to access facts in real-time, visibility of all operations as they happen, and the critical insight needed to make the best decisions. This unique software also connects with almost all third-party software providers. Its long list of perks doesn’t end here. Born in the Cloud, ROOK Connect ensures the highest level of protection, security, and data compliance.

To date, ROOK Connect has helped numerous businesses, organizations, departments, staff, vendors, and customers from diverse industries, including field service management, fleet management, logistics, supply chain management, nursing and residential care facilities, property management, POS, sales and retail services, e-commerce, construction management, etc.

What makes ROOK Connect Unique in the Market?

While many companies abandon clients soon after software implementation, the seasoned team at ROOK Connect not only takes in their requirements and delivers the product but also provides unmatched support and guidance, evolving with their clients. Moreover, ROOK Connect has the flexibility to adapt and grow with businesses, empowering them with a wide variety of workflows, processes, configurations, and even customization tools that ensure the software works the way they need it to. Apart from its numerous features, ROOK Connect is unbeatable in pricing.

“Our hands-on approach, digital mapping, and ability to work with customers to ensure they get what they want is what gives us an edge in the market,” reveals Kenneth. Whether it is People, Technology, or Professionalism, ROOK Connect delivers on all fronts.

Teamwork at its Best

Since the beginning, ROOK Connect has always been and continues to be all about the team. All the employees are out-of-the-box thinkers and highly-skilled professionals aligned to the company’s core values (customer-centricity, transparency, reliability, team-driven, adaptive, innovative, & wow factor) and work in harmony to deliver quality results and drive customer success.

“We don’t want just to deliver the end result to our customers; we want to provide them with options and work with them to understand their processes today, so our team can help improve these processes in the future,” says Kenneth. He further explains that to address and fulfill the customers’ demands from the software, they have found the best way to make them part of the ROOK Connect team. Once they are on board, clients are guided and supported at every step.

Building Meaningful Relationships with Clients

Ultimately, the goal of ROOK Connect is to build customers for life. Kenneth says, “I am very proud to say that ROOK Connect was founded and funded 100% off the referral of existing customers leading us to the next customer.”

At ROOK Connect, a strong focus is on building long-term relationships with their customers through transparency, honest communication, and integrity. It’s a happy place where the ROOK Connect team and their clients brainstorm ideas and develop the best possible solutions to achieve excellent business results. The clients, in turn, do not fail to vouch for ROOK Connect’s services, teamwork, and approach.

Delivering Stellar Performance Time & Again

When it comes to ROOK Connect’s progress, the company has been climbing the ladder of success year after year. With customers expanding throughout North America and in small pockets of other countries, ROOK Connect has grown, evolved, and adapted to the market’s demands and stood out as a market leader. In the coming years, ROOK Connect aims to target UK and Australia for its business expansion and continue to grow its customer base.

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