Christopher Amos and Joleen Amos, Founders, No Boundaries

Over the last decade, the marketing and advertising industry has observed unprecedented growth. To add more fuel to the fire, digitization has changed the marketing channels forever. Today, businesses have to design products & offerings, identify key competitors, map their strengths, relevant characteristics, and outreach strategy while keeping their socially conscious customers in mind. On a very positive note, this has created a level playing field where businesses, large or small, brands heard or not, can hit their target audience, understand customer behavior, build a sales spike, and make themselves as success stories like never before.

Based in Surprise, Arizona, No Boundaries is one such leading company that provides marketing & advertising solutions for small & medium-sized businesses. Founders Christopher Amos and Joleen Amos explain, “We pride ourselves in creating a custom unique marketing strategy for each client, learning each business as if it were our own! And hence, our mission is to help our customers achieve success with our professional guidance, tools, and resources!” To do so, their team spends an exorbitant amount of time educating themselves each month through various webinars and other training events to ensure they are constantly doing the right thing for their clients.

Offering a Boutique of Solutions

No Boundaries provides a wide array of strategic, online, and traditional marketing services. They go the extra mile to ensure that clients are provided with the right set of services to fit their needs as a business. To make this happen, high-powered 3rd party analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, social media platforms, and third-party listings are consolidated into a simple, easy to read, real-time dashboard. Chris adds, “We publish weekly and monthly reports showing clients how their program is progressing and what tasks our project management team has completed, so they know where each marketing dollar is being spent!”

Chris, along with his team, prides themselves in communication. They conduct regular meetings and outcome-oriented discussions to analyze the client’s business marketing and advertising strategies.

Hence, during the COVID-19 pandemic, where many organizations suffered considerable losses in the US economy, No Boundaries grew over 200% through referrals from existing clients. This shows how the company has built customer loyalty and their brand name in the market which has led to higher client retention rates through their value-added services.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

For the team of No Boundaries, providing exceptional customer service is the backbone of their success. Hence, its CRM team is incredibly dedicated to catering to the clients’ needs while also ensuring that their requirements are fulfilled and exceed expectations. The success metrics of this team’s CSM role are therefore centered on Net Promoter Scores, customer interactions, and results.

Understanding the gravity and significance of customer service, Chris reveals, “We incentivize our staff to go above and beyond! When they get kudos from a client or a review, they get a bonus! That is our way to encourage our staff to constantly lookout for the best interests of our clients.”

To achieve this, the CRM team is required to complete two touchpoints to maintain relationships with the existing clients and target new customers every month. This depicts how much No Boundaries has a vested interest in its clients’ success and in its staff.

Sound Advice for the New Industry Beginners

Understanding the ins and outs of the marketing industry for over a decade and also of running a successful small business, the team at No Boundaries suggests new beginners to conduct thorough market research to better understand their industry, key differentiators, identify the target audience, and master their products & services. And so, Chris adds, “We encourage start-ups to talk to several people, including multiple marketing agencies, to get their perspectives on how they would bring their product or service to market. One should be open to learn from and connect with other similar businesses.” From there, they can move forward with structure and confidence.

No Boundaries offers a simple, step-by-step program to start-up companies at lower costs. This includes a few branding exercises to develop the company’s key visuals, colors, and messaging system. Then, later are the web design, and content marketing strategies followed lastly and most importantly by the business’s overall goals.

Eyeing the Global Market for Expansion

New Year brings new aspirations and opportunities. Identifying the new scope of business in the global market, Chris and his team plan to test international waters and take No Boundaries services to Mexico and South America. Since numerous companies struggle to bring their products to the market, the team will be aiming to bridge this gap in the coming years. Furthermore, to make things smooth and hassle-free, they will be employing a bilingual and well-trained staff who will deliver exceptional services to the clients.

This is not all. Chris reveals his ultimate plan for No Boundaries. He says, “As we grow in the coming years, we aim to expand our product offerings and deepen our client relationships. We want to be the marketing department for our clients, not just provide a few key services.” And indeed, we wish all the success to Chris and No Boundaries in their future endeavors.

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About Christopher Amos, Owner and Chief Strategist

As a results-oriented, high-energy veteran in the marketing and advertising industry, Chris has worked with hundreds of businesses, developing unique and innovative strategies to help them achieve their goals. With a successful record of accomplishments with local, regional, and national companies, he has been recognized for identifying areas of opportunity, exceeding performance metrics, and managing complex marketing strategies.

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