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In the early 2000s, S. Prakash (a.k.a. Corporate Sage), a published writer of “You too can sell,” met M.K Anand (CEO of an IT company) to share a copy of his book over a cup of coffee. When Anand read the book, its contents amazingly resonated with his thoughts on offering training consulting to MSMEs, Corporates, and MNCs. When two great minds think alike, something extraordinary happens. Soon both Prakash and Anand began discussing the possibility of having a platform to share their knowledge and help MSMEs who can’t afford the big consulting firms. In less than two years, See Change Consulting was launched. Intel Singapore was one of its initial clients. The following year, SCC conducted Art of Goal setting sessions for 1,000 Channel CEOs of Genuine Intel dealers at Intel channel in 2003. This was just the beginning for SCC.

Today, this Chennai-based consulting firm is one of the trusted knowledge management partners, serving MNCs and corporate houses with coaching and training services. SCC has a consortium of 100+ experts who hold years of diverse industry experience. These experts help MSMEs overcome the top-line and bottom-line challenges, arranging finance, working on capital issues, and marketing and sales gaps. “By designing a complete platform for MSMEs to decide where they are and where they want to go to grow, we bring the subject experts, create the solutions, and bring our panel of experts together,” states Anand aka “SEE CHANGE” Anand, Founder and Partner, Strategic Business Advisor, Chairman of MSME Initiatives at three Southern States and ACC.

On average, SEE CHANGE engages 4-8 consultants depending on the project. With such quality of work, See Change is now being invited by biggies of the consulting world to support their Indian projects.

Providing a Plethora of Services

For the first time in India, SCC had launched SEE_360°_BIZ_SCAN, a unique business health check-up tool. This is a fast-track growth management program, especially for SMEs. Today, the prominent knowledge management company is offering many strategic business advisory services that connect the dots in all functions of the business. In 360° Consulting, experts in various fields work with clients to craft the perfect strategies and execute them flawlessly to ensure a smooth transition during the critical changes in their business and to turn their business problems into opportunities. 360° Coaching aids clients to grow their business by leveraging the insights the team of SCC has gained over the decades running multiple companies successfully. See Change also offers various management 360° Training programs to improve the overall skills, expertise, leadership, communication, and other soft skills. Furthermore, SCC provides Know Your Competency (KYC), Thought Leadership Talks (TLT), a Master class on how to survive, stabilize, & surge ahead, and a collection of books for readers of all ages.

Experts Bringing Commitment to the Table

Shedding light on how See Change Consulting engages and motivates its employees, S. Prakash, Founder, CEO, Partner and Business Strategist, reveals, “We work on the intrapreneurship model. All our experts are associates of our consortium. Hence, they bring their commitment to the table first before asking for any commitments.” This is a highly successful model, and it works on Gain Share Approach. “We recommend such models to our clients as the ‘new normal’ needs ownership driven gain share leadership than high paid salary driven models. It works wonder at least in the top and senior positions in the client places,” adds Prakash.

S. Prakash

Vision, Mission, & Progress in India & on Global Levels

From the beginning, SEE CHANGE Consulting was built with a vision to become one of India’s Top 5 Knowledge and Growth Management Consulting Organisations by 2027 by providing compelling value to its clients, thereby enriching their clients’ people and business processes. And so their mission is to pursue their vision by following the value systems of professionalism blended with balanced human values, innovation & creativity, and make others see that we are dependable, trustworthy, committed, moral, faithful & principle-centered.

SCC has successfully completed 500+ projects, 100+ behavioral programs, 25+ functional programs, and 20+ technical programs across 5+ states in India. “Our focus is mainly on MSMEs and midcap where Indian organizations have huge void and gaps has been fulfilled by See Change team of experts as under 360° turn around consulting,” asserts Anand while speaking on the progress of SCC.

Planning for a Brighter Tomorrow

With solid leaders whose vision and mission are unyielding and a highly dedicated team of experts, SCC has a lot in store for the upcoming years. “We look at India itself as a yet-to-capture market. However, we wish to take Indian clients overseas on investments, M&A and other export opportunities,” shares Prakash.

SEE CHANGE is set to launch an Automated Tool to Diagnose Business Health in 3 regional languages, namely Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi in the coming days. THE SEE CHANGE WAY- first of its one-to-one MSME assessment, competency mapping, and 45 minutes of entrepreneur counseling will be a part of this package.

Moreover, ‘Corporate Sage–A New Environment for CXOs’ will be launched, a Bouncing Board Service spearheaded by the multi-talented talented author & leader, S. Prakash.

“The Spiritual CEO” a wonderful book authored by Mr.Prakash (a.k.a. Corporate Sage) was published worldwide by Amazon is well recognized CXO’s and Entrepreneurs’ reference book for Business Growth blended with Inner Growth for the 21st Century.

Clients Bounced back in the Post Pandemic times

The Coronavirus pandemic ransacked many small businesses. However, SCC’s clients were supported with timely prudence on finance management, team empowerment, fundraising, and assurance that they were protected and cared for. “To a large extent, we never found our clients suffer as much we hear from various other quarters. It is simply because prudent advice has been consistently provided to them. Though there was a drop in revenue, many have bounced back from 2nd quarter of 2021-22,” remarks Prakash.

Client Recommendations & Testimonials speaking about SCC’s offerings

SEE CHANGE Consulting has been highly recommended by Mr.S.G Anilkumar (CEO & MD) of Samunnati Financial Intermediation & Services, Mr. Mujibur Rehman (MD) of Asian Building Machines, and Mr. Dinesh Agarwal, MD, RR ISPAT(HIRA Group) to name a few.

One of SCC’s prestigious clients from the healthcare vertical has also shared his experience on 360° coaching. Dr. Raja Amarnath, MD, M/ s. CIPACA Pvt Ltd (ICU & Emergency Care) says, “One of the rarest personalities I have come across with whom all the cardinal features of leadership, creativity, C-suite leadership, discipline, and sympathy are well balanced. It’s a blessing for entrepreneurs to have such a coach. It helped me mature from an emotional technopreneur to a mature entrepreneur.”

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