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The world has been talking about the post-pandemic future for a while now. Many countries have lifted most of the restrictions to bring society back to pre-COVID time.It is a good sign for businesses worldwide affected terribly due to the pandemic. Apparently, when one issue subsides, the other pops up from a different corner – a war. You can be at any side of the battle depending on the newspaper you read and the television channel you watch. However, the chaos created by wars affects humanity in many forms, and some changes might be irreversible. One sector making steady progress despite these unfavorable situations is technology.

At the beginning of 2022, experts and organizations around us have been talking about the tech trends to watch out for this year. So, why do intelligent leaders invest their time to find out what’s new in the tech sector? The reason is simple, technology has the potential to revolutionize and reinvent how we do business. If you are a business leader and do not know things like Metaverse, Edge Computing, Hyperscalers, Low-code/no-code, and so on, then chances are there that you might be considered the modern-day illiterate!

In the issue, we help our readers understand the latest technology trends disrupting businesses in 2022. The opinions and insights published in this issue are written by tech-savvy industry experts and leaders. We hope that our efforts bring such valuable thoughts would help businesses to grow significantly and individuals to get some remarkable career opportunities in the tech world.

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