Shabnam Bhojwani, Founder, Adrisya Art Jewelry

No matter where you are, the memories of your native country will never fade. One of Shabnam Bhojwani’s fondest memories of childhood is watching her mother and aunts get ready for Indian parties over the summers when she visited India. Her belief is that the way Indians dress is in itself a form of art. One can never have enough jewelry for them, as they adorn themselves every single day with beautiful works of art.

Being raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Shabnam acquired an appreciation of the elegance and simplicity of the East Asian style. She observed women of different cultures wearing rings, necklaces, and bangles and came to believe that jewelry is the ultimate feminine accessory. She had the opportunity to enjoy a flair of diversity and color having Indian descent. With her self-taught jewelry design experience and hours spent with artisans from around the world learning the trade, Shabnam debuted Adrisya Art Jewelry in 2012.

Shabnam is a Pune-based contemporary jewelry designer. Armed with design backgrounds from the Swire School of Art, PolyU, and HKCC, she upheaves a creative and contemporary fashion jewelry enterprise that makes unique, elegant jewelry creations based on trends and inspirations from every fashion season. Her aim for Adrisya was to create a jewelry range that suited the demands of modern Indian women. Shabnam says, “Our jewelry collections are contemporary, keeping in mind both the modern-day trends and a touch of tradition. We believe jewelry comes from a magnificent world of stories, and each piece carries a bit of the making with them.” Adrisya Online Jewelry Store is committed to providing the most exquisite Indian and modern jewelry items at the best possible prices to keep customers satisfied.

Adrisya crafts “wearable art” for women. The ‘diamond-look alike’ and ‘workwear’ collections are now bestsellers since the quality of diamonds imitates natural diamonds and is suitable for destination weddings. These pieces are very travel-friendly. “Our label is known for its playful take on jewelry by using different shapes and textures and cater to various spring and fall collections of the year,” underlines Shabnam, who puts herself in the shoes of her customer to learn how she thinks. What kind of lifestyle does the client lead, and whether she lives in a big city or like the open air? Adrisya is motivated by values and principles and makes a statement with western workwear, which leads to an east-west symphony to promote innovation, variety, and sustainability.

“Initially, Adrisya launched via small-scale city-wide exhibitions across Pune, and over time, our brand grew into a global online business reaching some ten markets across the globe. Our initial business strategy has changed considerably while we continue our expansion plans”, said Shabnam. Over the previous decade, the Indian online jewelry market has grown substantially, from USD 850 million in 2019 to USD 3.7 billion in 2025. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are opting to buy jewelry online. Adrisya has evolved its online services to make it more convenient for shoppers to purchase online without compromising quality, service, logistics, and other factors.

Shabnam recalls, “One of the most common problems we faced amid the pandemic was supply chain issues. Logistics and international shipping remained to be compromised; however, the situation has greatly improved and returned to normalcy.” Adrisya has expanded through time, overcoming hurdles, and is currently present in ten regions, propelling the brand to the forefront of this unique e-commerce marketplace. Adrisya’s performance has evolved organically since the beginning of a small business by word of mouth. Adrisya, which was once a startup, is now a global brand with customers all over the world.

Shabnam remarks, “Every business wants to be nimble and ready to adapt to changes in the marketplace. Yet, it can be challenging to know how or when to pivot from a core product and start diversifying product offerings or distribution channels.” Progress is solid with a gleaming expansion into new countries, designs, and partnerships. She added, “We at Adrisya are diversifying our range with our latest product launch of workwear.”

Adrisya aims to collaborate with other jewelry designers to create unique standout items for their customers. Shabnam concludes, “We’re also providing personal consultation services as we continue to empower women through our jewelry. Our aim is to bring out the best in everyone, to bring out the designer in those who seek to find themselves through art, creativity, expression, and fashion.”

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